Meet Breanna Benz, Assistant Editor

20/20 editorial has once again committed a corporate crime— stealing Breanna from the marketing department and adding her to our roster. Affectionately known as “Bre” in the office, she charms us with her statuesque poise, and her serene and easygoing demeanor has bestowed her as a trusty confidante with her colleagues at the office. Ever the organizer, Bre is a founding member of Jobson’s “Tribeca Book Club,” bringing together fellow colleagues sharing her passion for books. A graduate of Virginia Tech, Bre proudly displays Tech pride but her style is anything but collegiate. An effortlessly casual cool vibe is reflected in her penchant for patterned sundresses, flowy maxi skirts and a unique flair for accessorizing with the unexpected. Bre discovered she needed glasses just as she joined the edit team. Coincidence? Perhaps but the stars align perfectly here as she enchants in a crystal dusty rose Diane von Furstenberg frame style DVF 8022 from Marchon Eyewear. We welcome her to the eyewear club with open arms… and eyes.
—Christine Yeh