Behind every great frame is also a great lens… that’s the adage preached by Ray-Ban’s latest campaign, Ray-Ban Envision. For over 75 years, Ray-Ban has pushed the boundaries of iconoclastic cool interweaved with high quality and function, inspiring some of the most memorable fashion moments with iconic styles such as the Aviator, Wayfarer and Clubmaster. But the tradition of superior lens quality has also been steeped in Ray-Ban’s DNA since its inception, and for the first time, the brand puts the spotlight on its lens story with the Ray-Ban Envision campaign.

Ray-Ban Envision celebrates the multiple facets of Ray-Ban’s renowned lenses: highly resistant, anti-glare, outshine, long lasting, impact resistant and built to move. To illustrate the power of each lens, Ray-Ban commissioned four artists, Ben Hasler, Ellen Lindner, Eoin Coveney and Robert Sergel, to create a series of exclusive comic books that portray the brand’s lenses as the heroes of these stories. The artists crafted six witty tales that take readers on a journey through each lens’ special attributes while highlighting the latest Ray-Ban styles from Luxottica including the Clubmaster, the mirrored Aviator and the new Lite Force collection. Each story embraces Ray-Ban’s long-standing “Never Hide” spirit to be bold and freely express yourself.

Ray-Ban Envision also honors those individuals who see the world differently, driven by passion and pursuing their vision with an enduring sense of purpose. These visions are captured with six moving images shot by photographer Mark Seliger, framing six characters out in the real world pursuing their dreams and proving that actions speak louder than words. Ray-Ban is also encouraging those who share the same ethos to submit their own vision stories at    
—Christine Yeh

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