Superman flies back into movie theaters this summer—and he’s brought some superstylish eyewear with him. In “Superman Returns,” actress Kate Bosworth (right) wears Damone frames by Oliver Peoples for her role as Lois Lane. From the horn-rimmed glasses of Clark Kent to the laser and X-ray optics of Superman, the optical world has always served the Man of Steel well. Superman’s eye is even strong enough to stop a bullet in the new movie. For the IMAX release of the film, viewers can gaze at the comic-book hero’s latest spectacles through some of their own. IMAX Corporation has used its proprietary technology to convert portions of “Superman Returns” from 2D to 3D. A visual cue will indicate when audiences should put on and remove their IMAX 3D glasses. Moviegoers will feel as if they are moving alongside Superman as they weave in and out of Metropolis.

—Jeff Haber