The most fashionable women can easily get stuck in a style routine, as 28-year-old youth coordinator Sharon Moskovitz can attest. When dressing for the occasion, Sharon always looks stylish and well-put together before stepping out into the world. But when it comes to her eyesight, prescription eyewear was never a staple in her fashion wardrobe. Sharon used them as a backup to contact lenses—something to wear in the comfort of home or at night to rest her eyes from the irritation of wearing contact lenses. And with a high myopic prescription since she was a child, she was insecure about the appearance of the thick lenses on her glasses. While vigilant about getting yearly vision screenings and updating her contact lenses, Sharon never thinks twice about getting a new pair of Rx eyeglasses. When she arrived for her eye exam this year, the eyewear specialists at Edward Beiner Purveyor of Fine Eyewear in Miami, Fla., took on the mission to convince her to use eyewear as an expression of her personal style.

Confident and outgoing, Sharon’s personality is enhanced by her sophisticated style. But she has yet to achieve the same level of confidence when wearing glasses; making the switch from contact lenses to frames was a big step for her. To ease Sharon comfortably into fashion eyewear, Edward Beiner and his team chose a style that embraced her personality and was versatile for multiple occasions. “With Sharon’s beautiful natural features and fair skin, she could definitely look great in a bolder frame, but it was more important for us that she was comfortable,” says Beiner, who selected the WACKS style by Oliver Peoples. Inspired by the masculine styles popular in the ’50s, this women’s frame combines classic curves with a slight cateye shape for a hint of glamour, creating a clean and elegant look. Though she loved the style, Sharon still needed to be convinced. To quell her insecurity about thick lenses, the eyewear specialists recommended their Signature High Definition lenses. This digitally manufactured, high-index lens improves the lens’ cosmetic appearance, providing an attractive look and a clearer field of vision.

Looking great is important but comfort ranks high too. The patient eyewear experience is more than finding a frame that fits; the lenses are a crucial part of the total eyewear package. “We encourage our eyewear specialists to help customers find a comfortable balance between fashion and function,” says Beiner. By staying attuned to their patients’ needs, Beiner and his team have struck the perfect harmony between fashion and function.

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—Christine Yeh

Makeup by Ivan Pol provided by; Hair by Green Apple Salon