“There’s gonna be some BIG changes around here!”

It was one of my dear Dad’s favorite exclamations, sometimes occasioned during disciplinary actions concerning me and my brother but usually a call to attention for some grand new and exciting project or phase of our lives. And the prospect of this giant new step always filled me with energy and tremendous anticipation.

That said; get ready for some BIG changes (in every way) in the men’s eyewear arena, already THE hot spot for trends, style, quality and innovation in the full eyewear market. Anyone following along with the 20/20 adventures in this male spec category knows that landmarks of guy eyewear (or… GuyWear as Preston Fassel dubs it in his brilliant SPECulative story in this issue) have become starry-eyed style staples. With a keen sense of the past coupled to the demands of the present market and future marketability, vendors, dispensers/retailers AND consumers (of ALL genders and ages) now clamor for P3 shapes, clubmaster styles, classic tortoise interpretations, brazen and bold large Clark Kent-ish frames, commanding aviators, racing-hewn Carrera shapes and the sudden surge in owl-like round facial accoutrements. And all of it stems from that realm of humanity commonly known as… MEN.

And in my unguarded opinion, we’re just getting started here. While the world of optical was positively (but wrongly) waiting for the rash of baby boomers to come along and shed their bloomers in favor of some nifty eyewear, a slew of newer, younger and bolder generations of guys were waiting in the wings with some solid style ideas and ideals all their own. And especially in these last three years, these boys blossomed into a manhood garnished by the powerful impact a great pair of glasses can impart on one’s face. Guys took the step. Gals certainly noticed and sought out the looks as well (with some powerful dollops of color and “feline” finesse sprinkled in) and… behold: a bold new world where eyewear DARES to be the ultimate accessory AND necessity.

I’m happy. Cool came along just in time. There truly are big changes at face here. This journey to the village of Manhood suits me just fine. And this November issue of 20/20 with its distinct and dominating dedication to the best in men’s eyewear makes perfect sense and CENTS to me… and, hopefully, to you too. Man, my dad would be proud of all of you.

James J. Spina