Eclips introduces Eclips PRO, a total redesign of Eclips, the original clip-on sun lens. The new compression drill-mount design features a snap-on prong (cut-to-fit prong also available) and memory metal bridge customized to best fit any bridge and accommodate a variety of lens thicknesses. Just cut lenses, layout drill, attach hardware and snap on prong. Chassis are offered in three sizes and nine popular colors—black, blue, bronze, chocolate, gold, gunmetal, rust, silver and red. Lenses come in brown, gray, G15 and vermillion.

PHILOSOPHY: “Eclips PRO represents an extensive redesign of Eclips,” says David Salk, Eclips CEO. “We carefully engineered this product to address the needs of the market and are providing a custom clip system that is easy to assemble (can be assembled in as little as 10 minutes), can be made for any frame, uses memory metal for maximum durability and, of course, is an originally designed and engineered Eclips product.”

A finished clip comes with a polarized lens and case. An assembly kit consisting of a parallel jaw pliers, harpoon, drill guide, drill bits, layout chart, glue, instructional CD, plastic prongs (4mm, 6mm, 8mm) and gray and brown compression sleeves is available.

PRICE POINT: $ (chassis); $$$ (finished clip). For additional information, contact Eclips (800) 851-9913; web site:

In 1992, Eclips brought what was reputedly the first custom clip-on sun lens to the market. Lightweight, comfortable and durable, the clips are handcrafted to accommodate the ever-changing eyeglass styles available today.