Eclips launches Eclips FLIP, a new generation of flip-up, clip-on, polarized sunwear constructed of high-quality stainless steel. The precision-geared chassis can be adjusted to three stages: 60 degrees, 120 degrees and 180 degrees. It can be assembled in five simple steps in as little as 30 minutes, fits most standard metal and plastic frames, and accommodates a wide variety of Rx lenses. The chassis are offered in three sizes and five popular colors—black, gold, gunmetal, rust and silver. Lenses come in brown, gray, G15 and vermilion. 


PHILOSOPHY: “Eclips FLIP is a high-quality, custom-made, clip-on sunglass that flips up at three different angles,” says David Salk, Eclips CEO. “It is engineered with a gearing system that will not wear out. Eclips FLIP can be made for most (90+ percent) frame styles. It’s great for people who drive to work each day and go through tunnels or simply want a clip they don’t have to remove when they go inside to shop or pick up a cup of coffee before getting back on the road.”

  A finished FLIP clip comes with a polarized lens and case. An assembly kit consisting of pliers, pin vise, drill bits, rivets and instructional CD is available.

PRICEPOINT:  $ (chassis); $ (polarized lens); $$$ (finished clip). For additional information, contact Eclips (800) 851-9913; web site:

The Eclips FLIP is well designed for rapidly changing light conditions.