One of the signature eyewear icons of the 1980s, the Cazal 951 is being reintroduced this spring by Eastern States Eyewear and Ultra Palm Optical. Originally released in 1984, this status symbol sunglass immediately skyrocketed to international fame when legendary recording artist Stevie Wonder wore it in the year’s top music video: “That’s What Friends Are For.” An endless list of celebrities and fashionistas wore this piece until it was retired in the 1990s. The new 951 accommodates all prescription lenses and features a sweat bar, detachable temples, removable side shields and an optional adjustable sports strap just as the original did. The frame comes in black, gold and dark tortoise. A 951 Deluxe Special Edition style will also be available with rhinestones on the side shields.

PHILOSOPHY:   “Now is the time to reach a whole new generation of eyewear connoisseurs,” says
Brad Besner, Ultra Palm co-president. “Because of demand for vintage eyewear, the 951 is as
desirable today as when it first came out 25 years ago.”

MARKETING:   To coincide with the re-release, Cazal has developed, a web site for 951 fans. Employing cutting-edge technology, users can create their own profiles, post pictures and communicate with other fans. In addition authorized 951 retailers will be listed and linked on this site. “Given the trans-generational nature of the 951, we fully expect to see hip 20-somethings as well as Baby Boomers as active members,” says Jason Shyer, ESE director of marketing and communications.

PRICEPOINT:   $$$$$. For additional information, contact Eastern States Eyewear, (800) 645-3710; or Ultra Palm Optical, (800) 327-5185.

Often 951 wearers owned several pairs of side shields and temples they could change based upon their clothes.