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These brutally beautiful frames caused quite the stir on our social media because Guess got it right. The wow factor exuded from these fuchsia and crystal frames is irrefutable, and our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter followers took notice.

How could we not be inspired with such a striking view of a few of New York City’s landmarks just outside our studio?

Already each of these trends jump off the page from our shoot book, and we’re off to a great start.

Managing Editor Christine knows a good accessory when she sees it and gets goofy with our male model’s prop accessories.

On day two our model takes a break in between sitting in the spotlight to study up on suns.

The shoot takes shape with these rounds, double brows and shades from soon-to-be-released sunwear lines (Robert Graham and G-Star) leading the way.

Leave it to our photographer to set up imaginative snaps that let the frames speak for themselves.

These mirrored Silhouette sunglasses break through the shadows and flash on-face as our model waits patiently between takes.

Hear this loud and clear, the Robert Graham revolution is imminent.

Ogi orchestrates a sculpted cateye shape that shows more like art than accessory.