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At the dispensing table, most practitioners already know that in order to prevent an unhappy patient returning an antireflective lens, the patient must be instructed on how to handle the product. In the wholesale lab and in the back room of a dispensary, poor handling of AR lenses can lead to higher spoilage and damaged products.

The following suggestions, meant for both dispensers and lab technicians, will ensure better AR lens handling and processing.

– Use mild soap and lukewarm water (never hot) to rinse lenses before wiping.
– Use a soft, clean, lint-free absorbent cloth to dry lenses.
– Wash AR cloth once per week without fabric softener.
– Clean lenses immediately if splashed with chemicals or hard water.

– Never dry-wipe AR lenses except with special AR cloth.
– Avoid soaps with creams or lotions.
– Keep cosmetic products like hair sprays and perfumes away from AR lenses.
– Never expose AR lenses to extreme temperatures.
– Never try to tint or otherwise chemically treat lenses that are already AR coated.

– Oils and other debris are more noticeable on AR lenses, so recommend daily cleaning.
– Recommend keeping glasses in a case when they’re not on the face.
– If a case is not available, be sure to rest eyeglasses face-up.