December is the best time of year, not just for the holidays, but for 20/20 Magazine, bringing you the best articles of the year, as well as our best CEs. It’s a chance for you to curl up with a hot beverage and cozy socks, and review a variety of the topics we brought to you in 2019.

You’ll learn about Malcolm X’s eyewear wardrobe. Gain an understanding of the prism reference point and drop in progressive lens designs. Consider how we communicate the meaning of anti-reflective to our patients. Get suggestions for how to prepare for 2020, the Year of Vision. Improve your knowledge about the need for a slab-off prism and how to calculate it. Read about two unusual retinal conditions that can show up in any practice. And there’s more with our great CEs. It’s like getting a stocking full of holiday gifts!

20/20 continues to establish itself as an invaluable source in delivering the best in fashion trending, branding, style, lenses and technology, product news and continuing education with a unique and personalized delivery. We are dedicated to education that you won’t find in one place anywhere else. As Pro to Pro Managing Editor, it’s exciting for me to work with authors from around the country, your peers, who share their expertise on the topics that matter to eyecare professionals. They offer insight and information from research and experience in real-life settings that can’t come from a textbook. And there’s always something new. This year we introduced you to Ms. Specs in the City, who can answer your questions about optics, practice management, best practices, optical relationships and more (just ask!), making every issue of 20/20 about you, our readers.

Sir Isaac Newton said, “If I have seen further, it is by standing on the shoulders of giants.” As our knowledge progresses, we become more effective mentors. We are the giants. Sharing what we know and guiding others along through training is a gift not only to an individual but to the profession. Pro to Pro is there to help with that training. Encourage those you are training to read the CEs and articles. Then discuss them, answer questions and show your neophytes how to apply that knowledge. It’s a win-win when an associate shares your passion for the profession and develops skills. It will result only in success for both of you.

So pull up the earflaps on that red plaid winter hat and warm up to this great issue of 20/20. I offer my thanks to our readers and contributors for all they bring to Pro to Pro. Best wishes for a happy holiday season and a brilliant 2020 New Year of Vision!

Linda Conlin
Pro to Pro Managing Editor
[email protected]