Nobody looks sharper wearing a great pair of frames than a rock star. As die-hard music fans, no one worships this religion more than the staff at 20/20. We (especially a certain managing editor) couldn’t have been more excited when we heard that musician Bryan Adams is the new face of TITANflex eyewear from Tura. Internationally acclaimed for his chart-topping hits, ambitious touring and dedication to philanthropy, Adams’ charisma and gentleman appeal is the perfect testament to TITANflex’s innovative eyewear designs for fashion-conscious men. Adams will be featured in TITANflex’s 2011 ad campaign as well as point-of-purchase materials including countercards, posters, banners and display units.

It’s not just his music and rugged good looks in eyewear that we’re fans of. From performing for huge audiences to receiving a multitude of awards for his music, Adams is no stranger to the spotlight—but it’s his work behind the camera that has also created a recent buzz. Check out his impressive résumé of celebrity subjects for fashion and lifestyle publications including Zoo Magazine, Harper’s Bazaar and British Vogue at, as well as “American Women,” a collaboration with Calvin Klein featuring influential personalities including Jennifer Aniston, Cindy Crawford and Katie Couric.

Hey Bryan… How about lending us your photography eye? We’d love your face behind (and in front of) a 20/20 photo shoot, frame by frame.

—Christine Yeh