I’ve never been a huge fan of rimless eyewear as it plays out on my face and with my own eyewear habits.

Firstly, my face is a rather sizable statement and I’ve always felt that my eyewear needs to be up to task on tackling said expanse. No quiet statements for this flesh pie. I want drama, color, excitement, substance, identity… and, oh yeah, something that will be up to the challenge as my late-in-life-presbyopic tendencies force me to constantly put my glasses down on any sandpapersurface available.

Secondly, I work for this magazine that prides itself on dramatic photos, color-enriched eyewear stories and in-your-face-on-a-face trend forecasting that lends itself to eyewear that has drama, color, excitement, substance and identity.

And finally, rimless eyewear, at its best extreme, is nearly invisible, nearly weightless, close to colorless and certainly pure bliss for anyone looking to wear glasses that barely make them look like… they are wearing glasses.

Well, this issue is about some of those ingenious rimless styles that certainly make the minimal statement of MORE being LESS but the main topic this time out is actually semi-rimless, that category of eyewear playing powerfully artistic and dramatic statements with an enormous (and increasing!) variety of solutions based on covering PART of the lens rim.

Eyewear designers have truly pushed the opti-envelop these days in devising new approaches to supporting and highlighting that perfect frame dance partner… the optical lens. Simple three-piece drilling has given way to a range of mounting systems, material variations and lens-to-templeto- face relationships. The varieties are seemingly (seamlessly!?) endless. And that’s a factored forte in eyewear— its ability to constantly reinvent itself as both a modern medical device and a quite astonishing style statement. Now, more than ever, the possibilities with rimless are… limitless.

Take advantage of that optical option.

James J. Spina