Vision Monday 20/20
Deluxe Edition 2008

The face of luxury has transformed the optical industry into a brand new world. Join us as the industry's most prominent players in the luxury eyewear market share their expert views with 20/20 and Vision Monday. Discover the newest luxury eyewear products and the latest selling techniques behind them and what this means for you. The Deluxe Edition video is a segment of the Deluxe Edition series featured in 20/20 and Vision Monday and co-sponsored by Viva International Group, L’Amy America and Premiere Vision.

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Featured Industry Experts

Roxanne Galari
Director of Brands
Viva International Group

Salvatore Sampino
Practice Manager
Malibu Eye

Frank Rescigna
Viva International Group

Robert Henshillwood
Sales Director
Cachet, a Division of L’Amy America

Genevieve Fay
Worldwide Brand Manager, Theory Eyewear
L'Amy America

Nick Palmiotto
VP of Sales and Marketing
Premiere Vision, a Division of Logo of the Americas

Guillaume Pottecher
Premiere Vision, a Division of Logo of the Americas

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