Extravagant. Extraordinary. Extra special. Definitions of deluxe… with the emphasis on extra. That’s what luxury eyewear is all about. It’s extra attention paid to design and detail, extra emphasis on quality and materials, an extravagant, luxurious use of color, extra-special signature touches— all resulting in an extra-ordinary Deluxe addition to the optical experience.

Photographed by Ned Matura

Deluxe luxuriates in soft shapes and luscious yet delicate color swirls.
GIGI from SALT.Optics

Empowered by the genius of the most venerated names in fashion, Deluxe captures both the elements and the imagination of the most revered brands.
GIVENCHY VGV236S from Viva International Group

Deluxe resides in that precious place where classic entices contemporary.
CHLOE 2173 from Cachet/A Division of L’Amy America

The keynotes of a name and the tradition of a brand can clearly and proudly reside in the realm of Deluxe.
TAG HEUER L-Type from Premiere Vision

Masterful at its best is the mix of zyl and metal elements inherent to Deluxe.
ESCADA VES659S from Viva International Group