We Will...We Will...ROCK YOU!

The December Men’s eyewear feature rocks. It’s really that simple. A host of legendary and upcoming rockers (and a jazzer!) including Ray Khalil (our jazzer!), Konrad Meissner, Ed Rogers, The Brats’ Keith West, Ira Elliot, Faces East’s Dan Kaiser, Ward White and (20/20 July cover star) Jack Skuller knocked the 20/20 team for a loop of amazing sights and sounds in the best photo shoot ever. We wish you were there. We WISH we were there AGAIN! If you’ve been following us at  facebook.com/2020mag or twitter.com/2020mag then this exciting experience is already part of your 20/20 insider look. And... if you haven’t kept up with our tweets and FB-ing what are you waiting for?

— James J. Spina