Essilor of America is launching an integrated anti-reflective (AR) technology specifically designed to complement sunwear. The technology is being introduced in Crizal Sun, a new product that will be part of Essilor’s family of Crizal AR lenses. Crizal Sun lenses offer the same scratch protection and ease of cleaning to both sides of the lens as Crizal Alizé, according to Essilor. Specialized integrated technology reduces backside glare without the common front side color changes, keeping original color and look of the lens. Crizal Sun is also infused into the lens, so it will not wear or peel off over time. Essilor will offer Crizal Sun lenses in both polycarbonate and high-index plastic. The lenses are comparable to lenses with Crizal Alizé in both performance and price and come with Essilor’s proprietary Pad Control System. “We saw a real need for this product in the market. Currently there is no ideal coating for sunwear in the industry,” says Carl Bracy, vice president of marketing for Essilor of America. “The goal with AR coatings is to let as much light in as possible. With polarized lenses you are aiming to keep the light out. Crizal Sun optimizes vision through any sun lens, making it the ideal AR choice for polarized or tinted lenses.”


Manufacturer/Distributor: Essilor of America
Description: First integrated AR specifically designed to complement sunwear
Target Customer: All sunglass wearers
Features: Optimizes vision through any sun lens. Reduces backside glare without front side color changes, keeping original color and look of the lens. Won’t peel or wear off over time.
Availability: Order lenses from Essilor and authorized Crizal labs
(800) THE EYES (843-3937)