Whenever there’s chatter about “brick and mortar” and Independent Eyewear retailing and Independent Eyewear manufacturing, it’s nice to look back on a photo such as this of a factory in the Cadore in Italy founded by Angelo Frescura, Leone Frescura and Giovanni Lozza. Just the other day Massimo Lozza visited the 20/20 office and told the wonderful family tale of his father’s last wishes to spread his ashes at the peak of the highest mountain behind their factory in that Cadore. Scared every ascending step of the way, Massimo fulfilled that wish. Eyewear truly has a rich and rewarding heritage.

–James J. Spina

Any talk of the “complete” eyewear package encourages one to hone in on the detail of a lens and its intimate relationship to a frame. This capture of a Silhouette Titan by photographer Ned Matura certainly fulfills that focus.