Costa Del Mar introduces C-Mates, a collection of premium polarized bifocal sunglasses. The lenses feature Costa’s patented polarized lens technology, which has imbedded UV protection instead of a coated treatment that can rub off. They are available in two powers—+1.75 and +2.50. Lens colors are amber and gray. Consumers will be able to choose from several popular Costa frame styles, including Harpoon and Fathom for men and the new Vela design for women.

PHILOSOPHY: How many times have you been out fishing, trying to tie knots or looking for a map coordinate and had to switch back and forth between your sunglasses and your bifocals? With Costa’s new C-Mates, you can have magnified glasses and the proven protection of our polarized lenses all in one great pair of sunglasses,” says Costa Del Mar president Chas MacDonald.
MARKETING: Informational brochures are available. All of Costa’s sunglasses come with a lifetime warranty.
PRICE POINT:$$$ to $$$$. For additional information, contact Costa Del Mar, (800) 447-3700; web site:

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