SUN VALLEY, Calif.--Converse Eyewear and REM introduces six new optical styles specifically designed with the Converse girl in mind. 

The styles include the Raven, Spark, Spitfire, Blaze, Fierce and Frenzy. Some of them feature phrases inspired from past Converse advertising and marketing, such as “I’ll Try Anything Once” and “I Am My Own Hero.”

The Raven in three color ways from REM for Converse.

The Spitfire, features a laser etched phrase, “No Soul to Sell,” on the exterior of the temple for dramatic impact. The Raven, a plastic rectangle, features a triple laminated front with a striped pattern in the middle layer. The interior sides of the temples feature a subtle skull design that has been laser etched and filled with color epoxy. 

These new styles from Converse are priced to the dispenser at $49.95.