This issue of 20/20 addresses one of our favorite trendsetting directions: the ever-increasing appeal of combining zyl and metal materials as a most viable and appealing frame choice. I’m particularly keen on the cover headline “Blatant Materialism” since it has some fun sending the decidedly overt message that eyewear is, at its most basic, a product situation and solution hugely based on the proper and artistic mastering of elemental materials.

I’m personally a zyl-ot (or is it zyl-alot?) and I think it might have to do with my Italian-American upbringing melding with that child-of-the-50s in me having been weaned on anything and everything PLASTIC. I love the colors of zyl. I love the layering. I love all those tortoise variations. And plastic frames always feel the most comfy on my nose bridge. Although I must admit metal has its mettle, so to speak, never does it star so well as in concert with… zyl. Witness that dance of elements throughout this “eyewear materials” issue of 20/20.

But I’d like to point out yet another interesting and important “combo” inherent to this and EVERY issue of 20/20. Since January 2003, 20/20 has proudly incorporated L&T magazine as the leading optical publication dedicated to lenses and technology, all via the long-standing guidance of Jobson’s lens guru Andrew Karp. With this issue racing toward OLA (in Indy this year, my favorite locale since it is so very close to that speedway central to my childhood dreams of one day being a race car driver) we thought it significant to point out this is also the largest issue of L&T… ever. It has numerous special features including its own Retail Strategy by executive editor Jackie Micucci, the annual Lab Usage Survey delivered by Jobson Research and expertly analyzed by Karp AND an L&T CE supplementing the monthly CE in every issue of 20/20.

We’re very proud of the growth L&T has experienced since its incorporation within 20/20. It certainly signifies our editorial assurance to reflect and represent every aspect of the optical arena in a leadership manner befitting the range and commitment of our readership, 20/20’s most important ingredient.

James J. Spina