Photographed by Ned Matura

The surge in sun clips continues unabated, and so does 20/20’s quest to push the envelope on this sun solution. It obviously makes for a terrific “wardrobing” effort but has anyone ever thought about literally building a wardrobe of clips for one pair of specs? Enter Arnold De’Burdo and CustomEyes.

Challenged with coming up with something unique in a sun clip, De’Burdo decided to craft two distinctly different clips for two frames delivering unique but complex structure issues: Lafont’s Ivy with its striking violet CatEye metal front face and Saint Laurent’s SL 3 from Sàfilo with a dramatically oversized zyl presence harking back to the bold look of YSL’s own legendary personal eyewear. For the Lafont, he crafted a violet custom tint clip structured in an equally deep purple metal chassis bridged with a short and nearly invisible wire. And his more dramatic inspiration came via a flash violet housed in a softer violet metal matching closer to the silverish purple of the frame’s front.

This bridge dramatically plunges downward to complement the swoop of a CatEye. In BOTH instances, the clips enhance the uplift peaks of the frame.

For the Saint Laurent, one tint plays with vintage green tinting and the other goes for a modern brown matching the tortoise frame. The green chassis goes shiny silver in a retro aviator stance and a curt bridge, while the brown opts for a long, sweeping wire as bold as the frame’s proud sizing.

Want to basically double the OPtions all in one frame? De’Burdo can be contacted at (818) 502-0204 and Double your customer’s CustomEyezing pleasure.

—James J. Spina