ClearVision Optical introduces Junction City, an ophthalmic eyewear collection created for 18- to 35-year-old consumers, who thrive on wearing stylish designs without compromising their smart spending philosophy for living well. Inspired by the rich culture and no-nonsense attitude of urban areas around the world, Junction City is the embodiment of style and sensibility for people with their feet on the street and their lives tied to the city. Included are nine eclectic men’s and women’s styles in metal, acetate and metal/acetate combinations. Some styles are semi-rimless. Shapes are angular and geometric with bold silhouettes and such detail as flat endpieces, “city-gritty” patterns, striated horn-like colorations, multi-tonal hues and pops of colors.

Photographed by Annie Gallagher/Black Box Studio

“With frame buyers and dispensary managers responsible for the success of their frame sales, a stylish, on-trend collection that is sensibly priced is a strategy every frame dispenser needs to capitalize on,” says ClearVision brand manager Cathy Kaye. “Junction City provides this opportunity.”


Merchandising materials convey the independent spirit of the brand and include a poster, multi-panel countercard and logo plaque. Each frame comes with beveled clam-shell hard case.

$. For additional information, contact ClearVision Optical, (800) 645-3733; web site:

“Whether your patients live on Old Main Street in Austin or State Street in Chicago, Junction City is a valuable option for dispensers to offer as a stylish alternative to higher-price brands and falls right in step with successful price-style strategies of current retailers,” ClearVision says.