ClearVision Optical adds Izod PerformX sunglasses to its Izod PerformX memory metal ophthalmic series introduced in Fall 2006. The original series was designed to reflect the Izod name, which is synonymous with clean, modern, masculine design suitable for an active lifestyle. Because of the incredible success of the ophthalmics, ClearVision developed the sunglass collection, featuring memory metal bridge and temple components and custom, double-injected plastic temple tips. Lenses for the new series are polarized, polycarbonate UV400 by SOLA with a Triflection flash mirror to minimize glare. Included are three styles, each offered in one size and two colors. The color palette consists of black, brown and gunmetal.

PHILOSOPHY: “Izod PerformX consumers value memory metal designs that can hold up to their active lifestyles. Combine this feature with a desirable polarized sun lens and a Triflection flash mirror coating that cuts glare and you have an outstanding product Izod customers will appreciate wearing while golfing, driving, fishing or for any other outdoor activity,” says ClearVision brand manager Cathy Kaye.

MARKETING: A display card is available for the collection. 

PRICE POINT: $$$$. For additional information, contact ClearVision Optical, (800) 645-3733;  web site:

If a memory metal frame is bent or twisted, it springs back into its original configuration, making it an invaluable feature for the active, frame-wearing consumer and also
making it beneficial to dispensers because memory metal designs help reduce the number of frame returns for adjustments and repairs.