ClearVision Optical expands its children’s offerings with the launch of Dilli Dalli, a six-piece collection of pediatric eyewear designed specifically for infants and toddlers ages 3 months to 3 years. Frames feature durable IntelliFlex multi-action spring hinges, which allow the frames to flex horizontally and vertically. Cable and skull temples are available on all frames, and select styles feature a unifit bridge. Shapes can accommodate multifocal lenses. Frame names are inspired by youthful nicknames such as Munchkin and Sprout.

Photographed by Black Box Studios


“Our objectives with the Dilli Dalli collection were to address both the medical needs of the child and the parents’ interest in durable, comfortable product that looks adorable, fun and current,” says Pam Elfreich, ClearVision Kids’ brand manager. “We spent a great deal of time on research and with focus groups. We tried products on all types of children because fit is crucial. By capitalizing on our experience and knowledge in pediatric eyewear design, we feel we have created an innovative brand that meets the needs of parents and children.”

Merchandising materials include a customized presentation tray, countercards, logo clings and a brand identifier. Each frame comes with a case. Digital advertising, an animated video and social media are also available. The tagline for the new collection is: “Innovative by design, crafted with love.”

$$. For additional information, contact ClearVision Optical, (800) 645-3733; website:

ClearVision says its goal in naming the brand was to develop a name that signifies youthfulness, yet conveys a sense of security, trust and comfort. Dilli Dalli achieves this goal. It sounds young, fun and friendly, and the goofy style of the Dilli Dalli bird provides a visual cue to consumers.