Charmant: Nodoka

Charmant USA introduces a Japanese-inspired eyewear line, Nodoka. The collection channels the tranquility and beauty of Japanese culture into 11 frame styles constructed of metal, including titanium, and zyl. Design elements in the first collection are reminiscent of the city of Kyoto. Motifs taken from patterns of bamboo, interlocking wood, lacquered chopsticks and Shinto shrine gates are incorporated into the frame temples.


PHILOSOPHY: “There is a need in the market today for product which has its own unique identity—a sense of individuality,” says Dee Berghuys, Charmant USA director of product and marketing. “Designed with the spirit and colors of Japan, Nodoka offers the consumer a truly authentic eyewear collection.” MARKETING: Merchandising materials include bamboo-inspired logo blocks, torri gate (entrance gate to Shinto shrines) reproductions, countercard and silk banner. Each frame comes in a cylinder-shaped case.
PRICE POINT: $$ to $$$. For additional information, contact Charmant USA, (800) 272-2042; web site:

INSIGHT — The color palette of the eyewear collection is inspired by the kasane, the 12-layer kimono worn by noble families of Japan.