Charmant Group expands its brand portfolio with the introduction of Ad Lib, a young, energetic collection designed for those seeking to show off their distinctive style with a sharp fashion sense. The line was inspired by today’s technology. Frames are made of titanium and acetate and feature an innovative patent-pending hinge system constructed of Excellence Titan, Charmant’s proprietary new material. The hinge provides flexibility, comfort and a smooth open and close movement and also functions as a visual design accent. Included are eight men’s styles. Sleek, clean and modern, the discreet lines are enhanced by contrasting color combinations. Ad Lib will be expanded in Spring 2011 to include women’s frames.

Photographed by Annie Gallagher/Black Box Studio

“The concept behind the development of Ad Lib was to combine a minimalist approach to the design, yet be technically innovative at the same time,” says Dee Berghuys, Charmant director of product development. “Charmant’s proprietary material, Excellence Titan, provided us a great opportunity to create a unique hinge system that is not only functional but also serves as part of the design.”

A three-place display and countercard are available. Each frame is packaged in a contemporary gray nylon semi-hard case with an orange strap.


$$$. For additional information, contact Charmant Group, (800) 645-2121; website:

Excellence Titan is highly flexible and can offer infinite design solutions as well as maximum comfort. It’s totally nickel-free, exceptionally workable and has special memory functions that contribute to maintaining shape.