Consumers are now experts when it comes to seeing right through insincere endorsements. With a deepened sense of savvy toward all things dubbed brand marketing, there is an educated awareness to any and all matters concerning “funding” and professional sports. But in these enlightened times, fans can still relate to honest athlete engagement with products, and that purity holds court supremely when it comes to sport eyewear. The wide world of both visual and verbal engagement is prime to your relating to customers when it comes to priming their interest and ultimate satisfaction in sport eyewear.

—Victoria Garcia, Jillian Urcelay and Christine Yeh

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Photo © Jonathan Devich / Epic Images

Rudy Project:
Lauren Hall,
Pro Cyclist

“Rudy Project has been a staple in my cycling career, starting in 2011. I’ve always felt the racing glasses are underrated; they fit perfectly to all types of faces, and I enjoy the flexible ends which I can fit specifically around my ears and close to my helmet. The helmets also have multiple adjustment features to fit securely to my head, in a more personal, secure feeling than most. I appreciate the selection of product Rudy Project has—whatever an athlete needs, whatever sport, there is a specific helmet or eyewear for you. A couple of special features that I look for in my eyewear would include the lenses, nose piece and arms of the glasses. I like to have options with my lenses since I race and train in all types of conditions, including daytime and nighttime. I want lenses that won’t scratch easily, seeing that I’m hard on my equipment; I sweat a lot and then need to wipe off the lenses with whatever I have handy at the moment.”

RYDON from Rudy Project

Wiley X Eyewear:
Carl Edwards,
Stock Car Driver

“With all the different things that I like to do, there’s a risk for injury in my eyes so for me when I’m wearing my Wiley X frames, I can relax and know that I can see as well as possible and that I’m protected from harming my eyes. They’re great. The glasses have to be comfortable. My eyes are really my most valuable asset in my job. When I’ve got a good pair of sunglasses on, I can relax a little bit, and I can focus on what I’m looking at a little better.”

HUDSON from Wiley X Eyewear

Kasey Kahne,
Racecar Driver

“When it comes to selecting sunwear, I’m more of a style/fit person. I really like the Banner and the Lesmore from VonZipper, but I love all of their products—they fit so well. I can’t wear sunglasses when I am in the car because I have a helmet on, but a few of my pit crew guys use the Fishbowl goggles to protect their eyes when they are changing tires. Those have been great for our guys to use. I love the VZ lifestyle and everything that they do. They have the best people working for them and always have quality products. It’s more of a family than anything.”

LESMORE from VonZipper

Photo © Chris Brown

Randy Howell,
Bass Angler

“I look for something that looks cool and fashionable. It also needs to be sunwear that doesn’t give me a headache and is totally versatile for all light conditions we encounter on the water. It acts as protection from harmful UV rays, and it allows me to see deeper into the water to spot fish and their hiding places.”

BRINE from Costa

Dragon Alliance:
Sierra Quitiquit,
Pro Skier

“When I’m picking sunglasses, I want performance and protection for my eyes. I have light colored eyes and they’re pretty sensitive, so I really need good lenses. But I’m also really into style so I want something that feels fun, young and cool. Function and style makes my world go round. In skiing, seeing is everything. I once had an optometrist tell me that my vision was in the 99th percentile. I feel like that helps me ski faster because I can see the terrain variations clearly from afar. It’s so important to have quality lenses when you’re on snow. The sun can be so damaging, and when the light is flat, it’s really easy to injure yourself. One of my favorite features of Dragon is the swiftlock lens changing system. It’s so easy to swap out lenses as the light changes throughout the day. The right lens can make or break a ski day.”

DRAGON ALLIANCE Finn 149 from Marchon Eyewear

Jamie Mitchell,
Surfer/SUP Surfer

“Kaenon’s attention to detail and drive to make the best possible product is amazing. Just put a pair of Kaenons on in the middle of summer, walk down the beach and then you will realize why this product is by far the best on the market. For me, the number one important feature is that it has to be comfortable. Then I look for a great quality polarized lens. Of course they have to look good, so style plays a big part. Kaenon ticks all those boxes so I couldn’t be happier.”

X-KORE from Kaenon

Bershawn Jackson,
400M Hurdles

“Nike is the only brand for me because ever since I was a child, my main goal in life has been to ‘just do it.’ Waking up each morning with the swoosh across my chest, performing through blood sweat and tears, making my dream a reality. The Nike brand took a kid from the projects in Miami and created one of the greatest 400-meter hurdlers of all time. When selecting sunwear, the most important things I look for is the lightness of the frame, the stability of the frame and most importantly, the lens.”

NIKE Vaporwing Elite from Marchon Eyewear

Smith Optics:
Tatiana Weston-Webb,

“Sunwear enhances my performance by protecting my light colored blue eyes that are really sensitive to the sun and being able to see when the ocean is too bright. The ChromaPop technology helps me see more detail when studying reef breaks that I’ve never surged before. My favorite sunwear model is the Sydney with polarized lenses. They have amazing style.”

SYDNEY from Smith Optics

Photo © Delly Carr

Gwen Jorgensen,

“I wasn’t introduced to training in eyewear until later in my career when my coach suggested I try a pair of Oakley Radar EV to help protect my eyes. The sunglasses fit my face perfectly, stayed secure and comfortable throughout my training and never fogged. From this moment on, I always trained in Oakley eyewear—they allow me to push my maximum with training, ensuring I have the best eyewear technology and protection available. Right now, I’m training in Radar EV Path. The taller shield lens design provides clarity in every direction. In addition, the interchangeable lenses give me a range of options for when I’m cycling and running. In order to perform at the highest level, I rely on Oakley’s Prizm lens technology to equip me with a clear view on the course. Prizm dramatically enhances color, contrast and visibility, while adapting to the different lighting conditions that I face throughout my races. Having the sunglasses stay in place is so important during triathlons—I need to focus my energy on my body and not be distracted by clothes, shoes or accessories. Oakley’s Unobtainium earsocks and nosepads ensure that my eyewear stays in place and grips even harder when I sweat. The O Matter stress-resistant frame material is so lightweight that I don’t even feel it on my face while running—it really is all-day comfort and protection.”

RADAR EV PATH from Oakley