I need to get a bit retrospective here to make my overall point.

In light of her cover feature story in the March 15 What’s Brand New issue, designer Tory Burch sent a very gracious personal thank-you note to 20/20 citing the magazine’s role in delivering the style message of her eyewear collection from Luxottica.

The regular March 20/20 was highlighted by a dramatic cover portrait of Diane Von Furstenberg and a classy feature by senior editor Gloria Nicola. Gloria has now interviewed the designer at least four times in the past in regard to her well-respected position as a designer with a terrific history in the branded eyewear arena.

Von Furstenberg was so excited about her new collection and her feature in 20/20 she decided to visit our Expo booth before attending a guest appearance at the Marchon booth. The excitement was palpable on her part, our part and the droves of her fans gathered at the Jobson booth for this gracious visit.

This high-profile celeb stuff is totally cool and it fuels every aspect of the playing field I call work: Optical,
writing, publishing... and magazines. And, sure Burch and DVF are big personalities fronting big brands hosted by big-biz players Marchon and Luxottica, but the celeb factor can run as deep as you choose.

We’ve recently featured Adidas shaded golf pro Natalie Gulbis, tennis pro Maria Sharapova, ocean conservationist Alexandra Cousteau and designer Stella McCartney as well as artists of the frame Blake Kuwahara and Teka’s Tom Kramer. Upcoming opti-artisans will include Ira Lerner (who designed this month’s Pure eyewear featured on the cover) as well as David Spencer, the master crafter for Ogi.

These journeys into the minds and faces fronting eyewear are not just the world of 20/20. It is YOUR world, peopled by fascinating personalities. And if you layer on the important factor of a medical device dedicated to  better vision you find yourself in a privileged arena where both pomp and circumstance see eye-to-eye. Celebrate that shining light. We certainly do just that with words and images here at 20/20 in print... online... and with you, our favorite celebrity.

James J. Spina