Join the club that’s meant for you and me… or more precisely for women. Any woman. Because who does not benefit from an uplift—slight or extreme? As Preston Fassel commented in “The Cat’s Meow,” a recent feature in 20/20, “The distinctive swoop of the CatEye causes an optical effect in which the wearer’s face and features appear to be drawn upward, creating the illusion that the individual is smiling even if she isn’t and making her feel super happy if she is.” These CatEyes will bring a smile to any face. And there’s nothing catty about that.

Photographed by Ned Matura

From Top: BETSEY JOHNSON Decayed Decadence 0150 from Legacie/The Luxury House of B. Robinson Optical; SALVATORE FERRAGAMO 714S from Marchon Eyewear; KATE SPADE Amara from Sàfilo Group; SERAPHIN Melody from Ogi Eyewear; CONVERSE Jack Purcell Y001 UF from Rem Eyewear; BEBE BLACK Illusive 7108 from Altair Eyewear