Understanding that the consumer increasingly plays a huge part in the eyecare scenario Wiley X Eyewear has created three new marketing pieces for eyecare professionals with this endgame in mind. The three point-of-purchase thought and talk stimulators include a patient Passport to Healthy Eyes, an information brochure for dry eye sufferers and Lasik surgery patients, and a patient recall postcard.

The Passport to Healthy Eyes features top reasons patients should have an annual eye exam and includes vision care terms plus a blank area for recording a personal appointment reminder.

The three-panel brochure titled, “Wiley X: The Answer for Dry Eye Syndrome and Lasik Surgery Patients,” describes the attributes of the Wiley X Climate Control Series sunwear with removable Facial Cavity seals. The Facial Cavity seals create a protective cocoon around the eyes, blocking out wind, dust and debris that can irritate and dry out sensitive eyes. The brochure explains how the Climate Control Series is beneficial to anyone suffering from Dry Eye Syndrome or who has had Lasik Surgery.

The third ECP marketing tool is a patient recall postcard. Wiley X provides these to remind patients it’s time for an annual eye exam.  

“We’re constantly looking for ways to help our dealer network. These tools should help ECPs promote overall eyecare and eye health to their patients,” explains Rob Maser, Wiley X Commercial Sales Director.

Eyecare professionals interested in receiving these free marketing items should contact a Wiley X rep at (800) 776-7842.  And while you are at it check out the latest eye-gear from Wiley X at www.wileyx.com.      
—James J. Spina