Jillian Urcelay: How is Modo’s 3D Lab collection different from other 3D-printed products?
Brian Dombrowski: Innovation is such a strong component of Modo’s DNA and brand identity that the 3D Lab collection has become a natural extension. We developed and designed the collection to not simply be a capsule or to check a box, but felt it complemented our other product families well.

How would you describe styles in this collection? How do they look and feel?
The collection is part of our series of combination frames that have a beta titanium temple inserted into a 3D carbon printed frame front. These frames maintain a lightweight quality and comfort to them, and we chose bright pops of color like purple, red and blues to really let them be statements.

Why do you believe customers should purchase frames from this collection?
If a customer is drawn to the 3D aspect of the frame, that is amazing, but just as innovation is part of our DNA, so is overall design. We want the frames to look good on, and we want customers to love the frames, not just because of how they were made which is a really fun aspect, but also on how they look and feel when they are wearing them.

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