Want tailor-made eyewear designed just for you with your collaboration? Indivijual Custom Eyewear has a solution. The Abilene, Texas-based company designs and handcrafts one-of-a-kind eyewear—ophthalmic and sun—for men and women exclusively through the Internet. “After six years of research and development, we have assembled a professional design team, special tools and machinery to create custom eyewear,” says Randy Barnett, CEO and founder of Indivijual. “We use the finest cellulose acetate from Italy and the highest quality hardware from Germany. Our mission is to design and sculpt original eyewear for original people.”
 The process begins with comprehensive information gathering and analysis. Clients are shipped a Customer Info Kit containing the following: an extensive profile questionnaire to determine lifestyle, personality and preferences in clothing, furniture, cars, etc.; custom color charts for assessing skin tone and hair and eye color; and instruments to take facial measurements, including a portable nose mold.

Detailed instructions walk the individual step by step through the process of taking photos of the face and creating a nose mold. This information can then be returned to the company in a pre-paid mailer. After a comprehensive analysis, Indivijual sends preliminary designs of frame options and a PowerPoint presentation for customer feedback and approval before beginning the actual construction process. When the eyewear is completed, in six to eight weeks, it is shipped to the client for final approval. If not satisfied, the customer can return the frame for a full refund, including deposit. Each pair of frames costs $595. For additional information contact www.indivijual.com.   

—Gloria Nicola