Odd to note that from the time I write this editor’s note to the time you actually read it (online at 2020mag.com or in print, a period of about two weeks), the world of communication and publishing (very different worlds and if you want to know why they are not the same, e-mail me at jspina@jobson.com) will have changed RADICALLY. Back in the day magazines plodded along mostly monthly. Newspapers pretended urgency day-to-day. Books were absorbed sllllloooooowly by even the most avid readers. And those readers (of books, magazines and newspapers) rarely made a peep other than the (very) occasional letter to an editor.

That world is gone. And even the world I’m in right here and now as I type this will be gone by the time I strike the last letter of the last word in this sentence. Al Gore changed everything when he invented the Internet. And THAT world of information AND misinformation (as you can well tell by the Gore reference) now alters nanosecond to nanosecond as witnessed by constant and explosive chatter of interpersonal social media.

Is print dead? Is Facebook now Wasted-Spacebook? Is Twitter already 139 characters too much compared to the intimate glimpses of Instagram? No. No. No. But if it is all here to stay AND evolve, what’s needed in order to maintain a razor sharp edge of insight, emotion and energy?

Create anew. It’s that simple. And with 20/20 that is always the agenda.

Specifics? Plans are morphing at this very (nano) second but in the very near future, the continually blossoming presence of this print magazine online in a myriad of socialEYEzing formats will take new steps in a series of online newsletters specifically aimed at enhancing your opti-sphere. Look for a new monthly Reporter’s Notebook giving you InnerVision privileges as regards our signature photo shoots, events, celebrity coverage and new products. Prepare for a highly interactive and intimate examination of what other ECPs are up to with a monthly Q&A formatted Tales@Retail newsletter exploring YOUR solutions in optical dispensing. Stay tuned for the next state of continuing education as 20/20 hosts CE+, an online adjunct to our intensely popular 20/20 Opticians Handbook and be prepared for a new L&T online stance now that lenses and technology have a more powerful presence in our print pages.

And the best part about ALL of these new 20/20 initiatives is the fact that timing may change and engagement will increase, but our inspiration will always be 20/20 as perfect vision.  

James J. Spina