Photographed by BLEACHER + EVERARD

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Club Ms.

Maybe it’s time for women to embrace their own style of eyewear heritage anew. Kate Spade makes perfect sense of that with a decidedly feminine take on the clubman style, softened via a slight cattishness and distinctly womanly colorations.

KATE SPADE DeeAnn from Sàfilo USA

May Eye Be So Bold?!

Yes, Eye can certainly See that you certainly are… BOLD. Brave… Bravo. Do Eye hear and see an Ecko? Yes..

MARC ECKO CUT & SEW Framed from ClearVision Optical

Color Block Party

Eyewear has ALWAYS led the way in innovative and fresh color blocking. Fashion elsewhere and designer accessories in general follow suit. When eyewear moves, others follow. Be it contrasting and complementing with different colors OR adding inner secrets of color splashes and personal satisfaction, eyewear’s leadership makes it the ultimate host of this stylish party.

PRADA VPR 10P from Luxottica (on her); TRU TRUSSARDI 12735 from Charmant Group

Master Couturier

The Givenchy brand is venerated in the tradition of couture fashion. And as a brand it is always a leader in design, quality, innovation and consumer recognition. With this particular frame you can add the accolade… GAME CHANGER!

GIVENCHY VGV 742 from De Rigo Vision USA

Won’t Get Foiled Again

Penguin rediscovers and literally revises the respected eyewear heritage of foiled, tortoise rims by substituting zyl for the foil. And there’s a new shape standard at work here as the preppy style normally delivered in this look is flattened on the bottom for a cautious and studious flair.

ORIGINAL PENGUIN “The Wagner” from Kenmark Group

Elong Story

Elongated shapes are making a roaring comeback from being a mainstream staple to being go-to/sell-to designs, especially in the arena of lifestyle branding. And though the style may be simple, the quality plays paramount.

NINE WEST 5024 from Marchon Eyewear (on her); TUMI 308 from Base Curve/A Luxury Division of Rem Eyewear

Cat Me if You Can

The cateye, especially at this brilliant extreme, makes it wonderful to note that an optical design with such deep eyewear heritage and just recently on the verge of disappearing has soared back with glistening interest. And as the look proves here, the drama will certainly continue to grow and impact women’s eyewear.

LULU GUINNESS 864 from Tura

A Hardy Helping

Big Man and Big Boy frames often work best when the horizontal scale is exaggerated, yet lightened by a fade on the bottom of the rim for a classic clubman affront.

ED HARDY EDHO09 from Revolution Eyewear

Triad and True

Crystal is easily eyewear’s secret weapon when it comes to mixing and mastering multiple color blocking. Here it ices the look of matching blue to white and also does duty as a design element by virtually eliminating the distraction of a lower edge frame rim on the frame face.

ROUGH JUSTICE Miss Sassy from Signature Eyewear