Jillian Urcelay: How would you describe the look and feel of the new styles in the Acetate Collection, and what are some key highlights from this release?
Bradly Houk: The new Acetate Collection is a fun combination of ic! berlin’s screwless hinge and a new HD (High Density) acetate. The HD acetate is a new stronger, lighter acetate, that helps keep the new collection in line with our heritage of lightweight durable eyewear. As far as the look, the team in Berlin has done an amazing job of creating a mix of colors that highlight some of the bestselling pieces of the past, while adding a new “rough” texture in our black and sky grey colors to the men’s collection and “true blue” and “ruby red” to the women’s collection. A couple of the key highlights with the HD acetate collection is the new clamp system that attaches to a near fully wrapped acetate temple, leaving only the screwless ic! berlin hinge exposed.

Can you describe how this brand new clamp system works?
I’m glad you asked that. The clamping system still features ic! berlin’s screwless hinge, while simply changing the way the clips are anchored in the HD acetate. The new clamps feature HD acetate running through the center of the clamp and “sandwiching” the outer edges of the clamp. While the anchoring clamp is a new feature to the acetates, the screwless hinge and interchangeable clips are the exact same reliable ic! berlin screwless hinge we have used over the past 25 years.

Finally, why should retailers carry a brand like ic! berlin in their stores?
Outside of the obvious 25 year history of making some of the most durable, lightweight screwless eyewear on the planet, we have taken a hard look at ourselves as a brand. I think you will find now and into the future, a company, a brand, that is easier to work with, more flexible in meeting our customers’ needs, in turn giving you more flexibility and options in meeting your customers’ needs. We not only want to be the original, we want to be the best screwless eyewear brand on the planet, part of that is being the best partner we can be to our customers.

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