Robert Wilkins remains virtually uncredited as the creator of “Prodigal Son,” which features as one of the great blues songs for The Rolling Stones on Beggar’s Banquet. The original title as delivered by Wilkins is “That’s No Way to Get Along.” Likely, the only reason this bluesmaster doesn’t rank in recognition with Robert Johnson is the fact that his (longer) music career reflected both the good AND evil sides of music as an elixir of the soul.

Let’s right some of this immediately by noting his clubmasterful specs depicted here on one of his more spiritual releases, Remember Me. In revival this eyeglass style is quickly surpassing the chunky preppy style as GenEYE’s go-to face statement.     
—James J. Spina

There it is, on the left there on this 20/20 cover. The ‘clubman’ or ‘clubmaster’ style as delivered by Lafont with their Reedition Again style back in the day when 20/20 referred to hot GenEYE specs as iWear. We still wonder if that might not make a great name for any interactive specs from Apple down the pike as they gear up for some Google-ish competition.   —JJS