There’s a hefty little bonus packaged in with this issue of 20/20. This year’s kidzbiz advertorial marks the largest contents count ever for this supplement. Our client-specific photo shoot usually lasts two days, but this time around we quite nearly burned the midnight oil over 20 separate portraits and a combination of different alternate poses for the wonderfully designed cover by art director Iris Johnson. It was also Iris’ idea to have the children contribute to the shoot by coloring the huge variety of playful backdrops although by day two Iris, executive editor Jackie Micucci and assistant editor Melissa Arkin (pictured) seemed deeply committed to reliving their own Crayola incantations. And feature editor Gloria Nicola had an enlightening blast chatting up editorial ideas with child model Lauren Gates. There’s a tremendous amount of energy and care surrounding our annual kidzbiz edit extravaganza and eager participation from our advertising partners clearly demonstrates that the children’s eyewear arena is packed with excitement… and opportunity.

We would also like to draw your attention to the fact that 20/20 is verging on a blog site (20/20&U, designed by our web designer Julie Zidel) dedicated to including you in our community of concern for any and everything related to optical. We’ll have more details soon about getting there and leaving your mark, mind and whatever matters but remember that both the blog and this magazine listen to EVERYTHING you have to say in hopes that some of what we have to say and show makes a difference in your lives as optical professionals.