Jillian Urcelay: Can you describe your vision for this eyewear collaboration with ic! berlin?
Bibhu Mohapatra: ic! berlin is the epitome of that fine balance of innovation and precision that drew me toward its products. From the first contact, I was hooked on every aspect of it. Thanks to our stylist and a friend of the brand Cat Pope, who introduced the actual product to me, and we styled a few shows with them. They always added such power to the looks and elevated the entire collection, time after time.

From left: Bibhu Mohapatra; Ugur Ulusoy

So, when the proposal of a collaboration came up, it was a no brainer for me. My vision for the collection was to incorporate the essence of both ic! berlin and my own designs in a union that highlighted the spirit and artistry of both brands. We collaborated creatively with some of the spring collection elements, and the amazing artisans of ic! berlin came up with these incredible shapes and styles. It all made sense from the very beginning. When we put the eyewear and the clothes together, we immediately saw the spark, and the clothes came to life.

How did you translate design details from your fashion collection into the eyewear pieces?
One of the driving forces of the re-occurring features is the custom lace we created. The lace design in our collection became the pivotal pattern that we see on the frames such as The Veil, Lace Visor and Bibhu 02. The other elements translated into the eyewear collaboration are the colors featured in each model that marry the identity of each brand in an effortless combination.

In what ways can ic! berlin fans see the two brands complementing each other in the final designs?
ic! berlin fans can see the two brands complementing each other in the final show pieces from the laser etched patterns that are cut into the frames. That same pattern is at the heart of the Bibhu Mohapatra collection. The lace pattern is highlighted in many of the dresses featured in the collection. The color selection and design sophistication marry the brands’ identities in a true partnership that speaks to Bibhu Mohapatra’s elegant, ethereal designs and ic! berlin’s dedication to precision and progressive innovation.

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