The BRIEN HOLDEN VISION INSTITUTE has announced that its “Managing Myopia Course” will again be available from June 12 to July 3. Early bird registration for the online course is now open, though availability is limited.

Pamela Capaldi, FAAO, director of professional services for Brien Holden Vision Institute notes that “one valuable aspect of the online course is the live webinar, in which participants have the opportunity to pose questions and engage in case-based discussions, with global leaders in myopia management.” She notes that feedback from course participants indicates the profession is starting to make an essential shift in myopia management strategies, and this is encouraging. Moreover, 100 percent of the participants in the most recent webinar reported they would recommend the course to their colleagues, says Capaldi.

According to a survey conducted by the Brien Holden Vision Institute, nearly 1,000 practitioners worldwide have completed the Managing Myopia Course. Ninety-eight percent of participants who completed the post-course survey said that they changed the way they manage myopia in practice after completing the course. To learn more about the course, or to secure a place at a discounted price, visit

–Andrew Karp