By Beanna Benz

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Our cover girl dons the cover frame, Scott Harris style 284 from Europa International—clubman-reminiscent with sea-tinted and black tortoise split fronts which come alive aligned with her cherry lips and feather white ultra-textured backdrop.

This eyewear is impressive on its own, and that’s when you only take into account the inner caramel-colored zyl and thin metal rim wrapping its perimeters. What’s even more impressive? They’re completely flexible. Now that’s high style built for real people: Flexon Hampton from Marchon Eyewear.

Decisions, decisions. Color arose only from Our Eyewear in this shoot, with a monochomatic black and white theme that made it all pop.

Our stylist Rita goes to work on a mid-shoot tress changeup perfectly planned for upcoming eyewear picks.

Amid an ode to eyewear ancestry—working on the perfect prop to give our Frame of the Month the attention to detail it deserves.

They got the shot.

Our male model takes advantage of his big break—sitting back in an awesomely mod chair on set as the staff switches gears.

Colors In Optics stays true to the name with this buttercup-skirted Sanford Hutton frame reaching out loud and clear from among black and white optical illusions.