Photos by Emily Hlavac Green
NEUBAU EYEWEAR joins forces with The Honeybee Conservancy for a sweet and sustainable partnership to help bring honeybee hives to bustling New York City. As part of the brand’s “See & Do Good” initiative, The Honeybee Conservancy encourages city residents to become urban gardeners and through this collaboration will donate two hives on behalf of neubau eyewear. These hives will be donated to the Spitzer School of Architecture in Manhattan, a mid-city farm educating college and high school students about local crop production and the Smiling Hogshead Ranch on Long Island, located at an abandoned railroad in Queens. These hives will help increase awareness about the plight of honeybees as well as help increase food production. Neubau eyewear consumers will be invited to support their local environment by planting seed paper designed to blossom especially for these new bees which will also send a message about the importance of protecting pollinators everywhere.

This initiative reflects neubau eyewear’s commitment to using sustainable materials in its products and packaging as well as showing its support toward like-minded organizations that encourage an eco-friendly lifestyle. Frames from the collection are constructed of a new sustainable material, naturalPX, which is an eco-friendly polymer derived from organically sourced and renewable primary products. Sixty-five percent of this material is produced from oil extracted from the seeds of castor oil plants.

To celebrate the new partnership, neubau eyewear and The Honeybee Conservancy hosted a cocktail event in New York City alongside customers, influencers and press. An informational video about the collaboration debuted as well as the introduction of tiny jars of neubau-sponsored honey, a sweet little treat for guests to enjoy.

–Victoria Garcia