Yes, I know it’s only January so why am I already titling this note with bad puns playing off the Ides of March? Well honestly there are going to be so many exhilarating things happening with 20/20 over the next two-and-a-half months I need to start yapping from now to just scratch the surface of excitement.

Although it might not be overtly obvious art director Iris Johnson spent the last year tinkering with design elements on the pages of 20/20. There have been tweaks in the main photo feature, a guarded finessing of typestyles, image innovations within the pages of Upfront and detailed format changes on the new product pages in consideration of readability, ease-of-use, entertainment and overall enhancement of both the print AND the digital edition of 20/20 now available every month at

Additional bold steps into the exciting media of both electronic AND print communication also extends to our cover with an ongoing design mandate now including a bold date, powerful directives for our Twitter and Facebook sites at and respectively, a helpful web link to 20/20’s highly popular CE initiatives ( and cover design work dedicated to 20/20’s pioneering step into the exciting world of... (drum roll please)... consumer visibility via select and high-profile newsstand and bookstore locations.

This layer of very progressive changes rolls out in a strategy taking readers and the 20/20 editorial team into the highly charged Vision Expo time period climaxing with the double punch of two March issues. As an added bonus the ever-popular March 15th 20/20 What’s Brand New issue will be totally redesigned with a fresh face making it both digitally and printerly (Is that a word?... Now it is!) exciting for everyone interested in the happenings of the optical arena, namely ECPs AND consumers of eyewear and sunwear.

I’ve already noted art director Iris, but accolades would not be complete without kudos also going to senior editor Gloria Nicola for her on-going cultivation and development of the absolute best new product presentation and guide in the optical industry, executive editor Jackie Micucci and senior marketing manager Christine Yeh for their foresight in instituting 20/20’s Facebook and Twitter sites and publisher/CEO Marc Ferrara for giving us encouragement in the ever-changing world of publishing and quietly and constantly yelling “Go for it!”

James J. Spina