Look at it. Study it. Touch it. Feel it. Put it on. Look through it. Observe others as they look at you in it. Become the eyewear.
Know it and understand it like you know and understand yourself. No one delivers the story of eyewear for 2018 better than you.

–James J. Spina

Photographed by Ned Matura

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Optical Combinations

Sometimes it takes a bit of metal to make that zyl smile even better… and… vice versa.

From top: RETRO 183 from Zimco Optics; ALEXANDER COLLECTION Willow from A&A Optical

A Bouquet

Roses of so many indulgent shades.

From top: BETSEY JOHNSON Obsessed from ImageWear; PARADOX 5040 from Aspex Eyewear; SPX 1580 from Silhouette; BLACKFIN Rockland 805 from Villa Eyewear

You Two

The double-bridge in its wild sunrise of interpretations.

From left: RIO from Roka; FOSTER from Blake Kuwahara; CLAIRAUT from Leisure Society; ERMENEGILDO ZEGNA 0085 from Marcolin

Black and White...

And read all over this inspiring crop of eyewear perspectives for 2018.

From top: BCBGMAXAZRIA Wynona from ClearVision Optical; ROYAL from KREWE

The New Hue(s)

Up to the sky and deep to the soul with colors conditioned by this ultimate accessory as it influences all other accessory products.

From top: ALE BY ALESSANDRA 622 from Eyewear Designs; LIGHTEC 30020L from Morel


This textureyezing of the eyewear surface had all but disappeared until about a decade ago. And yet now it stands as a beacon of light catching bless.

From left: HACKETT LONDON 1184 from Mondottica USA; ROWAN from Bevel Specs


Inhale the wonder and depth and diversity of tortoise: Eyewear’s favorite coloration flavor.

From left: TC CHARTON Asian Fit Eyewear Kauilani from Prologue Vision; SANFORD HUTTON C1065 Andy from Colors in Optics; ZAC POSEN Aliza from Kenmark Eyewear; GEEK EYEWEAR Sonoma from LTD Eyewear

Turn on the Light

Eyewear does that task best.

From top: PERSPECTIVE RR01 from Gotti Switzerland; PRODESIGN DENMARK 4146 from Design Eyewear Group