BBH Eyewear presents its oio eyewear line, targeted to children between the ages of six and 12. Tailored specifically for a child’s features, the frames are constructed of Titanflex, a memory metal, and a combination of Titanflex and nylor for an ultra-light and virtually indestructible product. Spring hinges guarantee comfort. Shapes are variations on rectangles, ovals, almond designs and rounds in rose/red, brown/blue, brown/green, black matte/red and brown/honey. Additionally, oio has introduced a range of styles for very small children, also made of Titanflex, featuring footprints on the temples and soft saddle nosepads for a non-slip fit.

PHILOSOPHY: “The new oio collection is right on target when it comes to inspiring fashion-conscious children—it’s cool, relaxed and colorful. Just what the kids want,” says Claudia Kiesel, BBH Eyewear product manager.

A two-sided poster and countercard are available. Each frame comes with a colorful hard case.

PRICE POINT: $$$. For additional information, contact BBH Eyewear, (800) 638-6639; web site:

The ’E’T’S ’Easy’Temple’Shortening’ system—shortening grooves on the oio temples—ensures perfect temple length adjustment.