Avalon Eyewear releases its all-new WiRED Polarized Sunglass line for men. The seven-piece collection combines a mix of Avalon’s modern sensibilities with a fashion-tech edge. Included are four plastics and three metals, all of which are Rx-friendly. Each style features polarized lenses, most with a backside AR coating. All frames are offered in three colors, including classic hues and such laminates as bone, horn and feathered patterns. Carbon fiber and laser-cut metal accents enhance the designs.

Photographed by Black Box Studios

PHILOSOPHY: “WiRED Polarized provides ECPs a high quality product with top-of-the-line materials and features, while providing a substantial cost savings when compared with equivalent licensed alternatives, allowing for a greater margin potential at retail,” says David Pildes, Avalon vice president.

MARKETING: Merchandising materials include coordinated one- and six-frame display kits, acrylic logo plaque/display, countercards and a signature mirror in a carbon fiber patterned material. Sunglasses come with a black sateen hard case and matching microfiber cloth.


CONTACT: For additional information, contact Avalon Eyewear, (888) 767- 0383;
website: avaloneyewear.com

Reflecting the tagline “Avalon Eyewear, the finishing touch for any look,” Avalon stands by its commitment of bringing ECPs a timely range of products developed to meet the needs of a changing business. During the past seven decades, Avalon has built a strong reputation as a reliable distributor of quality optical products, which include a variety of collections such as WiRED, Vivian Morgan, Avalon Collection, Bookmark, K12, Elan Collection, Parade Eyewear and Avalon Accessories.