Avalon Eyewear launches its Avalon Couture eyewear collection. Made in France and targeted to sophisticated women, the new line features such premium materials as crystals and sparkling acetate created with an overlay of metallic flecks. The effect recreates the ancient Japanese lacquer technique known as Maki-e (literally, sprinkled picture), in which semiprecious materials in a powder form are applied with a brush. The initial collection consists of four frames in shapes ranging from modified rectangular to butterfly and oval designs in fully rimmed and semi-rimless versions. Colors include Bordeaux, cognac, mandarin, rose, red and violet, and such combinations as blonde/black, rose/white and blonde/gold. Most styles are equipped with spring hinges.

PHILOSOPHY: “Avalon Couture blends rich materials to create modern classics. Sophisticated, beautiful and elegant, this collection represents Avalon’s traditional design aesthetic, resulting in a style that evokes the influence of Japanese culture in French fine arts in the 19th century,” says David Pildes, Avalon vice president.

MARKETING: Merchandising materials include a six-frame display, single frame logo plaque and countercards. Each frame comes with a case and microfiber cloth.

: $$$

CONTACT: For additional information, contact Avalon Eyewear, (888) 767-0383;
website: avaloneyewear.com 

Maki-e objects were initially designed as household items for court nobles. They soon gained in popularity and were adopted by royal families and leaders. To create different colors and textures, maki-e artists use a variety of metal powders including copper and other precious and semiprecious metal alloys.