Sport meets street as 20/20 definitively takes on Athleisure—the fashion movement giving activewear a stylish makeover. Gone are the days when fitness apparel was restricted to the gym and only worn by athletic types—today’s sportswear goes mainstream with high-performance materials that are not only super stylish but comfortable enough for everyday wear. And while eyewear has long staked a claim in the sport category, it’s also taking cues from the athleisure phenomenon with sun and Rx frames built for performance and comfort but styled for the street. Embrace the athleisurely life—it’s the new casual.

–Christine Yeh

Photographed by Stephen Mark Sullivan

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Sunwear… Sport Eyewear… Athleisure… Independent Eyewear… It’s totally a bases loaded home run for Kaenon.

AVILA from Kaenon

Chasing White Rainbows

At its best Athleisure plays one team style off another for a contrast that scores in both the sport and fashion arenas.

GANNET from Costa

Orange U Tortoise?

Yes, Eye am and quite BOLD about it.

NIKE Estnl Navigator R EV1020 from Marchon Eyewear

Set the Controls for the Heart of the Sun

The possibilities are endless at sport and at leisure with this deft semi-rimless style.

VALOR from Wiley X Eyewear

Shield Meet Again

The sun and sport staple of a one-piece lens shield stakes its wide screen appeal.

NIKE Helix Elite R EV1037 from Marchon Eyewear

Hidden Havana

What’s navy and right and… tortoise on the inside? Secret surprises for the wearer are a prime source of customer satisfaction in Athleisure.

XXL Deacon from A&A Optical

Aviation Celebration

The style that perhaps best defines the sporting side of a life lived comfortably and yet confidently at leisure.

COLUMBIA Vamoose from Marchon Eyewear

Quiet Rightly So

The inner tortoise hints at a secret story and the snazzy keyhole signifies just the right temper of cool.

CHAMPION 6039 from L’Amy America

Crystal Hail

The ascent of crystal zyl continues, and the smoke/gray effect delivers a perfect Cole Haan StudioGrand brand message face forward.

COLE HAAN 5018 from Altair Eyewear

Subtle Cutting Edge

Cole Haan StudioGrand plays with the hot eyewear trends of negative design space and a frame-in-a-frame look, thereby layering the style factor up a confident notch or two.

COLE HAAN 7028 from Altair Eyewear

Flash: X Marks the Spot

That special place where Athleisure wraps around this go-to and fiercely Independent sport eyewear brand.

PEAK from Wiley X Eyewear


No one does this “swirl whirl” of colorations better than Kaenon.

STRAND from Kaenon

Gripping Tales

Borrowing some active sport eyewear tech, the grip-friendly texture on this whole style plays well together in bright blue and black coloring.

COLUMBIA Ridgestone from Marchon Eyewear