Eyewear products. Brand affiliations. The health issues of eyecare. The wealth of tech information. The store. Its location. Its size. The labs and lab services utilized. This list could indeed go on and on, but the heart of the matter in the right here and now, in light of the current crisis and your past considerations and future challenges touches on one crucial and key point:

Service. Customer Service.

And please don’t think for even a second that Customer Service is anything short of the heart and soul of what you are doing. It’s what we do… all of us. As a dedicated Eyecare Hero (and yes, right here I’ve gone for that definitive rather than the more usual ECP) what you are doing for those in need of your help and care and consideration is the most important layer of your professional life.

And that goes for me too as I struggle to give you the best of me in what I’m doing here at 20/20 Magazine in all of its communicative facets from this printed issue and on through the engagement we are currently hoping to deliver to the fullest capacity in videos, interviews, social media missives and that connectivity we experience on so many different levels with you… our readership audience.

If this pandemic has made only one thing clear to me, it is that just beyond the precious circle of my family and my valued close friends there is you, and quite honestly, you mean the world to me.

You are my purpose

When I succeed it is because I reached you in some way. When I fail… I’ve failed you.

And that is devastating to me.

I am at your service. The methods I’ve mentioned are only a means to get to you… to move you… to help you understand that in a time where we are literally being told to hold back, we need to do everything within our means to connect.

We need to serve. We need to step up. Boldly embrace that keynote of VISION to our missive. Your customers… your patients… your chosen partners in this human bond are waiting for your guidance, your help and your ability to connect. Please… Please… be at their service. It is the best lesson we could ever take away from all of this.

James J. Spina
[email protected]