Aspex: Takumi Drill-Mount Collection

Aspex Eyewear Group adds a drill-mount collection to its Takumi brand. Included are two feminine variations on cat eyes and a unisex angled rectangle, all with split temples. The frames feature riveted, screwless double hinges that enhance the streamlined design and at the same time provide a more durable joint. As with all Takumi frames, these styles come with a polarized magnetic clip. Frame colors range from copper brown, orange copper, gold, gray, burgundy and plum to combinations of gold and black, brown and blue, plum and lavender and gray and violet/red with satin and shiny finishes. Eye sizes are 50mm to 53mm and are deep enough to accommodate bifocal lenses.

PHILOSOPHY: “The newest Takumi styles featuring innovative screwless hinges offer a fresh look, allowing the wearer’s character and expression to take center stage,” says Yael Ifergan, Aspex director of marketing. “The sturdy screwless-hinge design reinforces the ultra-slim profile, creating a clean, minimal effect. A splash of color adds to the mix, bringing a subtle, yet defining accent to a person’s face.”
MARKETING: Takumi merchandising materials include countertop displays, posters, countercards, banners, logo plaques and polarized testers..
PRICE POINT: $$$. For additional information, contact Aspex Eyewear Group, (800) 277-3979; web site:

Cat-eye rimless designs add a delicate flare to triangularand diamondshape faces.